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We at Allergy Free India (AFI) – a dedicated Research & Awareness Wing of Hyderabad based Aswini Allergy Centre – bring together a team of highly qualified and experienced Allergy Super Specialists, Environmentalists, Food Engineering experts, Textile Engineering experts and Medical Journalists. Our collective effort is dedicated to creating an allergy-free India through various steps including Advanced Allergy Research, Allergy Awareness Workshops and Public Health Awareness in Allergy and advancing our understanding of allergy screening, diagnosis, treatment and research.

Our Aim: Addressing The Growing Allergy Crisis In India

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Our goal is to educate people about the impact of their lifestyle, diet, and environmental factors on allergic conditions. While clinical research is essential, empowering individuals with accurate information is equally crucial in improving their quality of life.

Allergy Free India (AFI) is committed to disseminating accurate and reliable medical information to the general public. With over a decade of experience, we have conducted numerous Allergy Awareness Workshops and Allergy Prevention Workshops nationwide. We also conduct Allergy CMEs in India and Training in Allergy Tests in India sessions, workshops, and specialized programs to equip medical professionals, including pulmonologists, dermatologists, and ENT surgeons, with the latest advancements in allergy treatments.

Our Mission: Inform, Educate And Empower

With accredited medical journalists as part of our team, we intend to empower the public by advancing medical knowledge. AFI is dedicated to shedding light on global developments and research related to allergic and immunological disorders.

We provide timely alerts and cautions on emerging risks, ensuring that allergic sufferers stay informed about their condition. Our mission extends beyond clinical practice; we aim to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to manage allergies effectively.

Join the Movement, Transform Allergy Management

As we relentlessly work towards creating an allergy-free India, we invite clinical personnel, specialists and medical enthusiasts to be a part of this movement. Explore our initiatives and services, stay updated on the latest advancements in allergy treatments and contribute to spreading awareness. Together, we can change lives and make India a safer and healthier place for everyone.